The Story So Far...



CityWest Homes produced plans to build luxury flats on the playground (with no affordable housing). Petition opposing the scheme signed by 600+ local people.


Westminster City Council sell Marylebone Library and Town Hall to London Business School, and announce a consultation on the location for the new library, either on the Luxborough Street playground or the major new development on Moxon Street.

79% of respondents choose Moxon Street. 

WCC announce plans to build the library on Luxborough Street.


96 Letters submitted to WCC Planning Dept, opposing plans to build on the playground, including 30 letters from children at St Vincent's RC Primary School.


Luxborough Street playground is listed as a Protected Open Space* in WCC City Plan (since 2007), so planning consent should not be granted. However, (now disgraced) Councillor Robert Davis decides that the new Library can overide the protection of open space.


Playground is boarded up - despite no contracts agreed or start date for works.


WCC announce cancellation of plans to build the library on Luxborough Street playground, due to cost. New Marylebone library will be located at Seymour Leisure Centre.

To date (January 2019) the playground remains boarded up.