Welcome to the campaign to save the


Why save this space?

  •  Because it is the only open access kickabout space for ball games locally 
  • Because it is listed as a Protected Open Space in Westminster's City Plan*
  • Because it is in the ideal location  - completely overlooked with no dark corners
  • Because it can be refurbished with £50k of existing CIL funds* (Community Infrastruture Levy), and maintained under existing Council contracts


About Save Our Space

The Save Our Space campaign was started in 2009, by local residents on Luxborough Street to save the playground when a development of luxury flats was proposed. 

We are also campaigning for the playground to be refurbished. 

Support has come from across the community 

including local schools, residents, the Police, business and retailers.

Open space is precious: once it's gone, we will never get it back.